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CNC wire-cut machine


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CNC wire-cut machine

CNC wire-cut machine

Introduction: We provide machine sales, models are: DK-320T、DK-400T、DK-500T、DK-630T, welcome to contact us.1、 In dk-t series, the trad···


  We provide machine sales, models are: DK-320T、DK-400T、DK-500T、DK-630T, welcome to contact us.


  In dk-t series, the traditional concept is overturned by wire feeding, and the design concept of slow wire walking is used for reference. The fuselage structure is redesigned: the traditional "bar" type is changed to "product" type, so that a relatively long shaft is completely attached to the machine bed, which solves the problems of unstable center of gravity, poor positioning accuracy, especially the consistency of extreme machining parts! Dk-t series of wire feeding is not only the improvement of design concept, but also the materials used are carefully selected: the bed material is gray cast iron HT250, twice tempered!



  Complete set of imported HIWIN ball screw and linear guideway!


  The X / Y axis adopts Panasonic AC servo motor of Japan and the screw rod is directly connected through a special coupling, without transmission clearance, meeting the requirements of high-precision machining





  Our products adopt U / V axis carriage to directly install high precision linear guide and ball screw (instead of traditional roller inlaid steel guide rail plus ordinary thread screw or pseudo linear guide and screw combination)! UV motor also uses subdivision motor, completely changing other manufacturers using the same control system. When using stepping motor, the program must change the idle speed and axis moving speed to ensure that the motor does not lose step!


  The commonly used fixing method of screw rod in the market is one point fixed, one point sliding type! After long-term operation, the screw will swing, wear quickly, and the screw cylinder will run unstable! Our company adopts two-point fixed and one-point sliding installation, which increases the difficulty of installation, but ensures the stability of screw rod and drum for a long time.



  In dk-t series, the wire feeder head automatically rises and descends with one key, so that the master will not have to worry about changing materials of different thickness

  Loosen 2-4 screws, and need to use the rocker handle to manually turn the screw rod to achieve the head up and down)!


    Ordinary wire cutting machine tools, master in order to ensure the cutting effect, have to frequent manual tightening wire! If the master's operating experience is not enough, frequent wire tightening will cause the electrode wire to be tight and loose at the same time (unilateral elastic wire), which makes the cutting effect difficult to improve! Constant tension structure replaces the need of frequent manual wire tightening by the master, greatly reducing the requirements for the operator and ensuring the cutting effect! All guide wheels are made of gem guide wheel, so as to prolong the service life!



  The linear slide type wire conveying reversing induction block makes it easier and more convenient for the master to adjust the reversing position! Reduce the waste of electrode wire in the reversing part due to the difficulty in adjusting the reversing block!

 9、 9   

  Dk-t series of silk walking imitates the working table of slow walking, so that the master can place materials as he likes! And material selection

  Quenching ductile iron, no deformation, no cracking!

 10、 10

  Automatic oiling system: time-sharing and segmented oiling to protect the moving parts of the machine tool, so as to prolong the service life of the machine tool!

 11、 11 


  Two pumps in the middle of the water tank, one pump is responsible for processing water, the other is responsible for dirty liquid filtration.

  2、 Detailed description

  3、 Host introduction

  1. The three-dimensional and finite element analysis software is used to complete the optimization design of the machine tool.

  2. The machine tool adopts gray cast iron HT250 twice tempered, annealed and advanced vibration aging treatment.

  3. Adopt "product" structure design and frame support bed to ensure high rigidity of machine tool.

  4. X and Y axis are imported: Taiwan Shangyin linear guide, Taiwan Shangyin high precision ball screw, precision screw special bearing.

  5. The U and V servo motors of Japan are adopted.

  6. Electric centralized lubrication is adopted to reduce the wear of moving parts.

  4、 Introduction of vertical electric control cabinet

  CNC control system, machine tool electrical appliances and high frequency power supply adopt modular design and are integrated in the same electric control cabinet, with compact structure and convenient maintenance.

  The control system can realize the functions of one key processing, time-sharing and segmented processing, display of processing track, automatic return of short circuit, wire breaking and automatic shutdown after processing.

  Drawing lessons from the multiple cutting (tool repair) mode developed by slow WEDM machine tool, and establishing a perfect database (cutting parameters, etc.) in the background greatly reduces the requirements for the operator level.

  1. Configuration and technical performance of CNC system

  (1) CNC hardware composition

  a. Industrial computer (P4 dual core 1.8g)

  b. 2G memory

  c. 32g electronic hard disk

  d. 17 "LCD

  e. USB, NIC, RS232 interface

  (2) CNC software composition and operation platform

  a. CNC software is composed of AutoCAD automatic programming and autocut control system function modules

  b. The operating platform is Win XP

  (3) Technical performance of CNC system

  a. Four axis linkage

  b. Slope machining

  (4) CNC system operating environment

  a. Temperature: 5 ~ 60 ℃

  b. Relative humidity: 40% - 90%

  2. Basic functions of the integrated programming and control software autocut

  a. Coordinate system: absolute and incremental

  b. Graphics coordinate transformation, scaling, rotation function

  c. Graphic tracking display function

  d. Linear and circular interpolation function

  e. Slope and upper and lower profile machining function

  f. Short circuit back, broken wire back to the origin function

  g. Power off memory, automatic stop function after processing

  h. Automatic sidetracking and centering function

  i. Function of adding transition circle automatically

  j. Reverse processing function

  k. Menu technology, automatic programming

  3. Machine tool electrical appliances

  With frequency converter control, the wire speed can be adjusted steplessly, and the fault of wire conveying system can be diagnosed automatically. The approach switch is adopted for wire conveying and commutation is non-contact, and the commutation is stable.

  4. High frequency power supply

  The high frequency power supply increases the step wave, the pulse waveform shape is more accurate, and the processing efficiency is higher.

  Numerical control system

  Autocut wire cutting programming and control system (hereinafter referred to as autocut system) is a WEDM programming and control system based on Windows XP platform. The autocut system consists of system software (CAD software and control software) running under windows, 4-axis motion control card based on PCI bus, high reliability and energy-saving stepping motor driving main board (without fan), 0.5 microsecond high-frequency main vibration plate and sample taking. Users use CAD software to draw processing graphics according to the processing drawings, process CAD drawings by WEDM, generate 2D or 3D data of WEDM, and process parts; in the process of processing, the system can intelligently control the processing speed and processing parameters, and complete the processing control of different processing requirements. This graphic processing method is an organic combination of CAD and cam systems in the field of WEDM.

  The system has the functions of adaptive control of cutting speed, real-time display of cutting process and machining preview. At the same time, it provides perfect protection for all kinds of faults (power failure, crash, etc.) to prevent workpiece scrapping.

  Autocut wire cutting control software, friendly interface, very simple to use, ordinary workers can learn to use within 10 minutes to 2 hours. Users do not need to contact with complex processing code, only need to draw processing graphics in CAD software, generate the corresponding machining path, and then they can start machining parts. The main interface is shown in the following figure:


  List of accessories and other items of WEDM

Serial number











 power cord





 Water pipe





 Working platen










Molybdenum wire2000M





 crochet hook





 Tightening wheel





 Molybdenum wire calibrator





 Guide wheel remover










 Strong magnet










 Guide wheel















 inner hexagon spanner










 Adjustable wrench





 Needle nose pliers










 WEDM emulsion





 an instruction manual





 Manual of integrated programming and control for WEDM





 Specification of conformity





 Packing list




  6、 Installation, commissioning, acceptance and training

  1. Installation and commissioning

  1.1 the installation personnel of the supplier shall arrive at the site within 3 days after the arrival of the equipment. In the process of equipment installation, the Demander shall send personnel to cooperate with the work, and the supplier's technical personnel shall give the demander correct technical guidance and comprehensive training on site, including detailed explanation of the supplier's technical data, drawings, operation manual and technical performance of the equipment.

  1.2 the supplier shall provide the installation material list to the demander 7 days before the arrival of the equipment.

  1.3 the Demander shall assist the supplier in installation and commissioning according to the requirements of the supplier's technical personnel.

  1.4 installation and commissioning time: installation and commissioning time is 3 days.

  2 acceptance

  2.1 if the equipment installation and commissioning are qualified, the initial acceptance document shall be signed; after 24 hours of load operation, both parties shall sign the final acceptance document of the contract equipment.

  2.2 The Demander shall assign a special person to be responsible for the handover, storage and commissioning of the equipment.

  3 training

  3.1 the supplier shall provide free technical training to enable the demander's personnel to master the use, maintenance and management of relevant system equipment,

  Achieve the purpose of independent operation, daily test and maintenance. After the acceptance, the supplier shall train the demander's personnel, including basic theory, actual operation and use, equipment maintenance, safety points and other related contents.

  7、 Quality assurance and technical service

  1. The supplier's warranty period for the equipment is 12 months from the date of final acceptance.

  2. Within the warranty period, the supplier shall provide technical services and replace damaged devices free of charge.

  3. The supplier promises to continue to provide technical services for the demander after the expiration of the warranty period, and the expenses shall be borne by the demander.

  4. The supplier promises to provide spare parts and spare parts to the demander at a preferential price after the expiration of the warranty period, and the preferential range shall not be less than 10% of the average market price.

  5. The supplier promises: respond within 2 hours after receiving the formal written notice or telephone notice from the demander, and provide service on site according to the specific situation; or send the parts to be replaced by express mail after negotiation between both parties.