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With the steel rail


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With the steel rail

With the steel rail

Introduction: Steel inlaid guide rail of machine toolTaizhou Jinggong electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the pro···


  Steel inlaid guide rail of machine tool

  Taizhou Jinggong electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wire cutting steel inlaid guide rail, splicing steel inlaid machine guide rail, cross guide rail and other machine tool guide rails

  Steel inlaid guide rail is one of the important parts of CNC machine tool in machining center, which has the characteristics of high precision, strong wear resistance and good reliability.

  Our company adopts advanced processing technology and perfect detection means, has a considerable professional production capacity of guide rail, and provides steel inlaid guide rail for hundreds of domestic machine tool manufacturers. According to the requirements of users, the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, grouping, surface and hot spot quality all meet the quality requirements of main engine manufacturers.

  In addition to the production of finishing machine tool guide rail, we can also provide semi finishing machine tool guide rail for users to finish grinding after installation. Our factory has produced steel inlaid guide rail for many domestic machine tool factories. The guide rail has many varieties, complete specifications, reasonable price and timely delivery. We welcome the customers to send us letters for technical consultation and order negotiation.