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Wire-cut guide


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Wire-cut guide

Wire-cut guide

Introduction: Guide rail of WEDMTaizhou Jinggong electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire cutt···


  Guide rail of WEDM

  Taizhou Jinggong electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wire cutting steel inlaid guide rail. Its production and manufacturing has a complete and scientific quality management system. Advanced testing equipment ensures the product quality of each guide rail. Our products have been supporting hundreds of wire cutting machine manufacturers in China for a long time,

  Features of guide rail of WEDM machine tool:

  The wire cutting guide rail adopts bearing steel (ggr15) after forging, which has the characteristics of uniform density, stable performance, not easy to deform, better processing and convenient assembly

  Technical parameters:

  1. Material: high carbon chromium bearing steel (ggr15);

  2. The hardness of surface heat treatment is HRC55 ~ 60;

  3. Hardness layer ≥ 5mm;

  4. Straightness ≤ 0.005mm;

  technological process:

  Forging → spheroidizing → rough machining → milling → drilling → tapping → whole quenching → straightness adjustment → stress relief treatment → rough grinding → aging treatment → semi fine grinding → secondary aging treatment → fine grinding → finished products

  The precision of the guideway of WEDM directly affects the accuracy of the WEDM, and the accuracy of the worktable is very important to the machining accuracy of the WEDM, so the design and selection of the guideway is very important.

  The guide rail pair is composed of two relative moving components. The function of the guide rail is to guide and support. Therefore, the guide rail needs to meet the guidance accuracy, large bearing capacity, small friction resistance and good motion stability. Here, the rolling guide with small friction coefficient is adopted. The unique "V-Flat" rolling guide structure is adopted.

  According to the type of rolling element, rolling guide can be divided into ball, roller, needle and rolling guide support.

  The ball guide is simple in structure and convenient in manufacture. However, due to the small contact area and low stiffness, the bearing capacity of the ball guide is small, so it is only suitable for the occasions of light weight of moving parts and small overturning moment. The bearing capacity and stiffness of roller guide are larger than that of ball guide, so it is suitable for machine tools with large load. Rolling guide support is a theoretical and infinite standard guide block, which can be directly installed on the moving parts of any stroke length. Its characteristics are high stiffness, large bearing capacity and easy disassembly and assembly.

  The guide rail is the key to ensure the motion accuracy of the worktable. Under the same conditions, the coarser the size of the cross-section of the guide rail, the better the rigidity, and the less easy to produce deformation in processing. The material and heat treatment process of the guide rail. In order to ensure its strength and small deformation, high carbon alloy steel, whole quenching or over frequency quenching process is better. Gu chooses to quench the guide rail as a whole.

  The wire cutting machine tool of Taizhou Jinggong electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. must use roller guide rail because of its large bearing capacity. Because the table in the working process, often in the x-axis direction tilt 15 degrees,. Therefore, in the y-axis direction of the guide rail, should also consider the bearing capacity of the tilt factor. The rolling element (and roller) and cage in the rolling guide rail move with the guide rail. In order to improve the stiffness of the rolling guide, the whole length of the moving guide is always in contact with the rolling element.

  Our company adopts advanced processing technology and perfect detection means, has a considerable professional production capacity of guide rail, and provides wire cutting steel inlaid guide rail for hundreds of domestic machine tool manufacturers. According to the requirements of users, the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, grouping, surface and hot spot quality all meet the quality requirements of main engine manufacturers.

  In addition to the production of finishing machine tool guide rail, we can also provide semi finishing machine tool guide rail for users to finish grinding after installation. Our factory has produced steel inlaid guide rail for many domestic machine tool factories. The guide rail has many varieties, complete specifications, reasonable price and timely delivery. We welcome the customers to send us letters for technical consultation and order negotiation.