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The manufacturer introduces the installation steps of ball screw

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1. Installation of the side support unit of the support seat:

1) After the screw shaft is inserted into the single-row bearing, fix it with a thrust ring.

2) After fixing with the thrust ring, insert the bearing into the support seat.

3) Reference value of installation accuracy:

Eccentric tilting

Intermittent: 20-30 m 1/2000max

Preloaded nuts: 15-25 m 1/3000max

High precision requirements: less than 10 m 1/5000 Max

2. Install the ball screw on the table and base:

1) Adjust to the reference value of installation accuracy first.

2) When the fixed side support unit is taken as the reference, adjust the outside diameter of the nut and the inside diameter of the table nut support to maintain a certain clearance.

3) Use thin gaskets to adjust the height of the center for the square support unit and adjust the outer diameter of the nut and the inner diameter of the table nut to maintain a certain clearance for the flange support unit.

3. Install on the working table and base:

1) Insert the ball screw nut into the nut support and temporarily lock it. (Place the nut in the middle of the ball screw shaft)

2) Temporarily fix the support units on the fixed side and the supporting side to the base.

3) After moving the workbench and the fixed side support unit, tighten and fix the support unit to the base.

4) After fixing, move the workbench to the end of the stroke near the fixed side, and fix the workbench and the nut support to each other.

5) Fix the nut and nut support.

6) Loosen the bolts fixed in Step 4 and fix the worktable and nut support mutually again. Push the table to the fixed support unit to adjust its center position, so that the table can move smoothly. For the precision table, it is also necessary to adjust the screw shaft to the position parallel to LM guide.

7) After fixing, confirm the working state of the workbench and move it to the supporting seat.

8) After moving the table to the support unit on the supporting side, tighten the fixing bolts of the support unit.

9) After fixing, move the work table to the end of the stroke near the supporting side, and loosen the work table and nut support and fix them to each other again.

10) Move the workbench to the fixed side, left and right, and confirm the running status. Make a round trip to adjust the table to run smoothly in the whole trip.

11) If abnormal sound or blocking occurs during operation, please repeat the procedure of 3-10.

4. Confirm the accuracy and complete tightening of bolts:

1) Use the dial indicator to confirm the runout and axial clearance of the outer diameter part of the screw shaft end.

2) Completely tighten the nuts, nut support, fixed side support unit and bolts of the support seat fixation unit successively.

5. Motor connection:

1) Install the motor support on the base.

2) Connect the motor and ball screw with a coupling.

3) Full trial operation.

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